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Company Profile - about German Translators

Eisenmann Translations was founded in 1990 by translators Georg and Suzanne Eisenmann in Pforzheim, Germany.
Thanks to the optimal combination of both native German and native English translators only translating into their mother tongue, and the stringent quality standards requiring all German translations being additionally proof-read by a second translator, the company gradually built up a solid reputation as a reliable partner for quality translations.
In 1996 Eisenmann Translations relocated to Karlsruhe, Germany, where we have continued working for original customers as well as adding many new ones.

The People behind the Name - the German Translators

Suzanne Eisenmann is English and studied German and International Studies at the University of the Southbank in London, UK.
Whilst employed as an English language teacher and German translator, she was frequently involved in translation work for her employers.
Her next position as an editor and translator for an international PR magazine promoting German industry abroad not only provided her with a thorough background in terms of technology and terminology, but also with experience in marketing and legal relations, all of which still serve her well today.
At the end of the 80s, Suzanne began translating on a freelance basis for local German companies and British agencies.
It was soon clear that there was a high demand for legal translations by a native English translator in the region and so in 1990 Eisenmann Translations went into business.

Georg Eisenmann is a German translator and studied business studies at a prestigious business school in Pforzheim, Germany.
His core subjects included law, foreign trade and marketing which today help him appreciate the objectives and requirements of our clients.
This was followed by 18 months in England to perfect his language skills and familiarize himself with English customs and culture, a valuable asset for any translator.
His employment in product management for a medical company not only strengthened his marketing skills but also provided him with in-depth knowledge of medical technology.
Following his decision to join his wife at Eisenmann Translations as a translator, Georg successfully passed the state examination for translators for the English language.
He is a state certified and court approved German translator and is an accredited German translator with the British and American general consulates in Frankfurt and Munich, Germany.

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