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German Translations by German Legal Translators

Experienced German translators

We have been in the translation business for more than 20 years specialising in legal translations from English to German and German to English. All our German translators have professional qualifications and a vast experience in legal translations for international corporations, mid-sized companies and lawyers.

Native German Translators for your German Translations

All our German translators only translate into their native languages, i.e. German and English. In order to stay up to date and ensure translation quality we are members of the German translator association BDÜ.

Specialised in Legal Translations

Our German translators translate contracts and agreements from and into German and English, as well as business terms, patents, legal correspondence, and even divorce papers in case a new marriage is pending.

Certified German Translators

Our German translators offer certified translations accepted by German courts. We are also accredited with the American and British consulates in Frankfurt and Munich, Germany. Sworn German translations are required when the translation must be recognised by court or a government authority.

Quality German Translations

All German translations will be double-checked by the translator himself/herself and another translator. No German/English translation will leave our translation agency without being proofread by a second German translator. All German translations will be created by experienced legal translators.

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